about us

pitch&post was founded as a blogger information website in 2012, and later as a consultancy in 2014 by Anna Hart. having worked in the digital marketing space, Anna recognised the gap in the market for a central, trustworthy resource that bloggers and brands could come to when looking to create engaging content.

pitch&post works to find the right bloggers for the right businesses (and vice versa) based on a number of components; content quality, traffic, community size, speed of growth, originality, country reach, sales conversions and SEO. to date, there has been so little standardisation of expectations when creating a partnership, it remains almost impossible for brands to figure out what to compensate and when to compensate a blogger. we’re working to create a benchmark, to build the credibility for the industry that it so rightly deserves.

have a look at some of our work here, or read up on the latest topics and discussions within blogging here. if you have any more questions, contact Anna and the team below.

Photo credit: Marie from Blame It On Fashion x Monica Vinader (by Pitch&Post), July 2014. Photo by Michelle Bobb Parris.

3 responses to “about us

  1. I’m so glad I’ve discovered this site! I’m just starting my blog, so it is great to have some local resources. All of your articles have been super helpful so far – thanks so much.

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