how to write a good media card for your blog

pitch and post how to write a good media card for your blog

you will probably find, that when you first start working with brands, businesses and journalists on your blog they’ll ask for you ‘more information,’ a ‘media card’ or a ‘rate card.’  it is wise to have one ready as it saves you a huge amount of time – ie: stops you having to write a bio about  yourself and the blog each time you want to introduce yourself/your blog to somebody.  besides that, it is an instant display of professionalism – shows you are taking them seriously, and so they will be more likely to do the same in return.  i call this, my ‘blog 1 pager’ as it should be a short, sweet, snapshot of you and your blog.

in my humble opinion, i wouldn’t include pricings in your ‘1 pager’ – as it can mean you can sell yourself short, or rule yourself out of a campaign you are really keen on. it also means that you can send the same information to anyone, rather than having to tailor it to who you are sending it to, again saving you time. i would instead, attach the ‘1 pager’ to your email and include whatever pricing detail you want to for a post, tailored to a) indicate how much you want to do it, and b) reflect the true value of your blog at the given time (no doubt your traffic will grow month by month, so therefore your pricings should – and you don’t want to have to be editing the 1 pager every 4 weeks). for help with top-line pricings, read our ‘calculating blogger fees‘ section.

back to the 1 pager – here is a list of the things you need to include:

  • a brief (20/50 word) summary about you
  • a brief (20/50 word) summary about your blog
  • your traffic figures*
  • any press coverage, guest posts or brand partnerships you have made (include links to these posts)
  • particularly strong SEO/search terms that your blog is well ranked for: ie – 50% of your traffic comes from people looking for ‘ankle boots’ or ‘lasagne recipe’
  • your social media follower numbers – twitter, pinterest, facebook and instagram are the main ones people will care about*
  • *include the speed of growth of both of these too, ie: ‘my facebook following has grown by 200% in the last month’ – even if it was from 25 to 75… that’s still an impressive statistic.

feel free to only include the more impressive of your stats, it is important that you are honest about all numbers you present to people – but also if you feel that having 7 Facebook followers will diminish the fact you have over 1000 twitter followers then perhaps don’t include the former statistic. make sure you present it as a PDF document and not a Word document – and make sure the feel of the 1 pager is the same as your blog – same font, same illustrations and same editorial style. very important it all fits on one page, otherwise it becomes more like a booklet and people wont take the time to read it… hope this helps!

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