how to make pinterest work for your blog

pitch and post how to make pinterest work for your blog

For any of you who are new to the concept of Pinterest be warned, creating an account effectively wipes out the following few days.  Who knew collating images of your favourite things to do, wear, see and taste could be quite so exciting? Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform in the world, with more American people signing up to the website in 2013 than applied for passports. So the question looms, is this a good use of your time?

For your blog, it’s simple.  If you create good content (and make sure your images/posts are pinnable – for more info see here) then Pinterest users will select and share your work. So, in essence it’s a fantastic incentive to make sure your blog is producing quality material and the amount your images are shared across the platform is a good indication of how well received your content is.

But what does that really mean? It all comes down to traffic.  Pinterest is very good at indexing imagery, if you give it a helping hand. Title your pins with key words, as you would if you were trying to make something more searchable on Google.  Describe the image, and (if relevant) why you pinned it. eg: My homemade orange cake, read my recipe here!  It is very simple in that the pin that is most closely described as what a person is searching for, wins. So always take time to do it.

Pinterest can attract your blog a whole new following, from a global audience. Whilst you can’t yet get in depth analytics reports for it just yet, if you sign up as a business user you can see which of your images are being most shared and clicked.  You can always monitor incoming traffic through your Google Analytics too, as the platform is fully recognised by the program.

Having a strong “Pindentity” is important too. a well thought through collection of image board can tell users a lot about a person. they can see what you like to buy, make, wear… and if they like similar things they will engage with your pin selections. similarly when you produce content for your blog, they will most likely have a look as they already know you have stuff in common.

here are some top tips on how to start on the right foot:

. keep it regular – pin little, pin often. Overwhelming someone’s feed with images is the pinterest equivalent of a spam email chain

. always pin images from your blog – by doing this, it will encourage you to make the effort to create pretty content

. describe your pins – as explained above, this is imperative and the entire point of building an account if you’re after new traffic/visits from it

. get a business account – track your pins’ performance and look at what images your followers are most interested in

. socialise – follow people with similar interests, like pins, repin pins, show willing. if you share theirs, they might share yours.

. keep it tidy – develop an image style, text style, consider it as important as developing the appearance of your blog

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