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pitch and post how to apply for fashion week

deciding to brave the fashion pack’s favourite week of the year (or two weeks if you count both times in the calender) can be a little bit daunting to say the least. the London Fashion Week website can be a testing, with their various application requirements etc. as a starting tip, the British Fashion Council will be looking for two main things – traffic (around 8/10k unique users) and relevant content to fashion week activities. getting a pass allows you access into somerset house where you can view exhibitions. it doesn’t give you any immediate access to shows.

click here to apply – have your blog information at the ready, and a way to ‘prove’ it. ie: google analytics reports or a printed-screen of your wordpress/blogger stats saved as a PDF. also include PDFs of any press work you have done.

once you have applied for entry to the building/area, your details are available for all agencies and fashion houses to view when you apply for tickets – they check your credentials and view the supporting documents you upload. you can attend shows without Somerset House/LFW access – the two things are independent of each other, however it is considered the ‘proper’ way of doing things to have both sorted.  here is the schedule for the AW13 shows in London and you can find a list of all the show contacts here.

important things to consider when email-applying for show tickets

i asked my friend in PR for some general hints (below) about how to not get on anyone’s nerves with your applications, but in a nutshell it is very simple – a quick ‘hello, this is me, this is my blog, this is where i have blogged/covered your brand/style before, i’d love to come, thanks.’  remember that this will be a PRs busiest time of year and they don’t have much time on their hands

  • don’t forget to put your address on your email – and the address you will be staying (some houses do not release tickets until the day before)
  • don’t be greedy, only apply for shows that genuinely suit the style and feel of your blog
  • don’t write it in an assumptive manner, be polite and grateful if they do choose you from the thousands for a ticket. never put ‘you’ve probably heard of me’ as they’ll probably think you’re a t*t straight away
  • do include direct links to your blog and any feature info – PRs don’t have time to search it themselves
  • do get the name right of the PR/event person on the email, check and check again
  • do include your blog media card if you have one, it allows you to write a shorter and snappier email request too. see here for how to write one
  • don’t ask for a plus one. bad taste
  • do only drop in a mutual contact’s name if the person has said to – otherwise it makes an otherwise valid ticket application look a bit shaky
  • don’t follow up with tweets to the PRs saying ‘just emailed you for a ticket’ it’s (again) bad taste, and puts unnecessary pressure on the PR
  • don’t write that you are ‘prepared to take a standing space’ rather than a seat. firstly, you probably will get a standing space first time. secondly, it just sounds arrogant
  • don’t ‘follow up’ to make sure they got your email (aka: hound, pester, stalk, harrass) – if you do, you may just annoy the person in charge of seating. even if you do need to know so you can make travel plans to London, tough.

finally just so you know, London Fashion Week isn’t all fun and games – there is a lot of elbow pushing and general snubbing over the 4 or 5 days – be prepared for ‘oh so you’re a blogger‘ quite a bit… also, shows are always ticketed for at least 1/4 more than necessary too, so get to any show in good time (30/20 mins before minimum) if you have a standing space otherwise you may be disappointed.

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