how to create a GIF for your blog

how to create a gif for your blogi can remember when  i first spotted a GIF on a website, or in my terms – a few images cocktailed together to make it look like a moving series. i instantly ruled it out as something far too complex for the likes of myself – but recently discovered picasion, a website that makes it all for you. easy, peasy. i’ve used an example from Burberry’s Spring Summer 2012 collection with Cara Delevingne and Eddie Redmayne to show how you can quickly and easily show readers campaign detail in one GIF (rather than an entire photo series).

GIFs (graphics interchange format, if you were wondering) are a fantastic way for you to demonstrate a story within your posts. for example, preparing a recipe or a beauty tutorial. they are also very handy for fashion bloggers to put a series together rather than boring visitors with photo after photo. also, they’re just a bit fun.  so use picasion, very handy.

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