how to lose followers and annoy people

consistency is key

keep a general pace to your posts, tweets and outreach that your followers can get used to. stop-start blogging is the perfect way to lose followers and confuse your readership. if you’re going on holiday for a couple of weeks, or too busy to keep it up for a while then a quick note/post/tweet to your followers is not only appreciated but also ensures a level of understanding which can stop a dip in followers during your blogging hiatus.


make it meaningful guys, come on. a quick ‘love this!’ followed by a series of links to your own site is not only transparent but pretty cheeky. there is one blogger in the fashion sector who is renown for this – posting links to their own give-aways and promotions constantly. not cool at all – commenting is for continuing a blog topic’s conversation or for complimenting a blogger on their work. when you leave a comment, make sure it actually refers to what the post is about – leaving a link to your blog is fine, as long as you are happy for others to do the same on your own site.

also the  ‘follow me, and i’ll follow you’ tactic is probably the most irritating blogger trait in the book. for a start, if your blog is worth a follow it will get a follow. consider what happens if somebody does follow your blog as a result of a comment like this – it’s a false indication on why your blog is growing a following. even if it takes longer, building a true audience is better for all around.


there is no way to avoid the annoyance of somebody clogging up your twitter feed with their ramblings, other than to unfollow them. try your best to restrain yourself from a trigger-happy approach to tweeting. if you’re having an awesome day, tweet once or twice to say what a good time you’re having – spare a thought for those who follow you who might not be. rubbing salt in the wound is going only going to encourage them to say goodbye to your tweets.

maintain a viewpoint

i can remember following a blogger in her early days who absolutely hated microwave meals. her whole blog was based around healthy eating and cooking fresh. a year later, she suddenly starts a series of posts on her love of ‘packaged diet plans’ – effectively ready meals. i was pretty confused as i’d loved learning how to cook well by her, and here she was blogging about the total opposite. despite her well written content and beautiful photography, i unfollowed her within days. it turned out that she had been paid a rather large amount to write about the diet plan. what a shame!

it’s fine to change your views – but admit your opinion has altered to your readers to explain the change in direction. it actually adds to the power of your review! secondly, and most importantly – if something isn’t right for your blog, don’t do it. regardless of the money involved.

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