how to be a successful out-of-town blogger

as a blogger, one of the most crucial things you can do to elevate your site is meeting people face to face. the trouble is that we bloggers are everywhere, and not always in easy reach of the latest product launch, event or PR meet and greet. here are some tips to help you make the best of a potentially bad situation…

make your disadvantage your advantage

as a London based blogger, the market is exceptionally tough. there are thousands of potentially suitable bloggers within a mile of any store, event or PR company. this is certainly not the case out of town, in fact you may well be the only one. the sooner you realise your niche, the sooner you can grow.

unique photo shoots

if you live in a remote location, promote it – you can shoot some beautiful images for outfit posts or reviews that use city dwellers can only dream of (seriously, all of us pretend to be happy with the shots of us on muse terraces and Portobello Road, but really we’d prefer to take piccies on a beach, moor or pretty little country village). never underestimate the power of a unique location – it makes you memorable.

use your time wisely

if you want to really grow your blog, you will need to meet some people in the industry. take a day off work a month in advance to your nearest city (London, Manchester and Edinburgh being the key players in the UK market) and call up all the people you want to meet. schedule yourself a productive and worthwhile day – coffees with PRs, pop in to press days (you can find out when these are through Fashion Monitor or through following your favourite brands on Twitter) and arrange meetings with bloggers based in cities who can keep you posted on crucial events and goings-on so you can plan ahead. (ooh and make sure you have business cards handy for all networking activity).

become the ‘leader’ in your area

a problem shared is a problem halved, so why not pair up with other bloggers in your region and share your ideas, contacts and findings. you could even host blogger events in your area to help tackle the issues you face. you can easily become recognised for becoming and innovator – create hashtags on Twitter for help (look at the success of the #fbloggers and #bbloggers conversations on Sundays) and advice in your area.

create a winning media pack

we will write a solid piece on making a media pack, but for you it’s more important than anyone that you have good marketing material to send PRs and brands as they are often short of time and only contact people who they expect will attend and/or are crucial for the campaign they are working on. so make sure you have a good one-pager (PDF, never a word doc) with a strong biography, list of topics you cover, your stats and what your focus is on – add in any key word rankings too…

overall, confidence is key – remember you are a unique blogger in more ways than any city dweller and at some point (if you play it the right way) brands and PRs will make more of an effort to accommodate your travel needs and advance warnings. whenever you meet someone you really want to work with, tell them – and stress that you need a heads up if you’re going to have to buy a train ticket (oh and never, ever ask them to pay for travel unless your traffic is sky high/above 50,000UU p/m).

image credit here.

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