how to grow traffic to your blog


write original posts – today’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper. before you hit publish on a post, have a quick check how many others have posted on a similar topic. you want to stand out. outfit posts or building outfits through Polyvore are great ways of building unique content as it is highly unlikely that you will use exactly the same clothing pieces.

join the conversation – Twitter’s strapline is for a reason, by starting a Twitter account you not only have access to 1000s of brands and bloggers, but your blog can easily be promoted in 140 characters. when you post something new, remember to link in the brands you mention, for example:

  • here is how not to tweet: ‘Read my new post on my favourite red jumpers. come and have a look! (with link)’
  • here is how to tweet: ‘My favourite red jumpers featuring @ASOS @topshop and @thisiswhistles. (with link) #fbloggers’

why is the second option better? for a start you are making 3 brands aware of your blog as they will be notified that you have including them in a post. secondly, they can choose to retweet your tweet – exposing you to all of their followers. lastly, using the #fbloggers hashtag means that all fashion bloggers searching for new posts will find you when they search under the hashtag…

#fbloggers is a recognised hashtag for fashion blog related tweets, and #bbloggers is the same for beauty blogs. they have weekly twitter chats too, usually on Sundays. join in, ask questions and meet new people. remember not to clog up your feed too much, make every tweet count.

finally, don’t over promote your posts. we recommend one or two tweets over the course of 24 hours after publishing. you can use programs such as Tweetdeck to schedule these tweets, so that you can get on with your day and not be tied to your computer… best times to post are usually mid evening and over lunch time, when people have time to browse the internet.

create a blogroll  – bloggers love bloggers, so show the love. if you have some favourites, create a blogroll. you can do this easily via the wordpress and blogger platforms. linking to other sites not only encourages people to who receive blog traffic from you to come and have a look, but also helps builds your sites web presence through SEO (more on that later).

use quality images – people like sharing nice pictures. it really is that simple. by taking quality photographs and/or using interesting photographs people are likely to want to share them either by tweeting a link to your blog or through ‘pinning’ your photos on their Pinterest accounts…

start a pinterest board – leading on from the tip above, here is a nifty tip. we suggest you create a board called ‘on my blog’ or ‘my posts.’ each time you publish a post, pin an image from the post onto your board. your followers can see your images and click through to the post, and also people browsing Pinterest can find your image through your description. for example, if you post about a blue coat and title your pin ‘my favourite blue coat,’ anyone searching for blue coats will see your image and (hopefully) click through to your blog.

credit images – this is very important. pictures and visuals are an essential part of the blogger pie, but so are copyrighting and image rights. if you use someone else’s pictures, tell them. the easiest way to do this is to credit/link the original image source on your blog post. it is also a useful traffice generating tool – if a blogger sees (through their traffic reports) that they are gaining traffic from your site, they will

comment on blogs – for the same reason as crediting images, commenting on blogs can be a great traffic generator. it also is a great way to introduce yourself to another blogger. remember that first impressions count, so think about how you introduce yourself. meaningful comments earn meaningful responses. dropping a two-word hello probably isn’t going to warrant a reply. read somebody’s post carefully and send them a thoughtful message, and make it genuine  if you don’t love their jacket, don’t say so. they’ll soon enough post about something you really want to talk about.

oh and never, ever comment on somebody else’s blog with a link to your own giveaway, competition or a request for them to follow you. it looks desperate, unprofessional and winds bloggers up no end…

original image source here

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