how to stay follower friendly on twitter

we’ve all been there; logged on twitter over your morning coffee and realise you have lost a few followers. even the most black hearted of us feel a little miffed. why? could it have been your endless tweets to @harry_styles asking him to marry you? or perhaps your detailed commentary of Gossip Girl last night? probably. here are a few more handy hints to keep you follower friendly.

be nice – no-one hates a hater, and if you become known as a grumbler its a difficult tag to remove. think before you tweet.  do you really need to tweet about how ‘ridiculous it is that a blogger has posted pictures in a bikini’ and are you really ‘worried she’ll never be employed’ or is more that you’re a little jealous she looks absolutely amazing in her two piece in the sun?

resist the urge to retweet compliments. picture this. you are in a crowded pub and when your friend walks in to meet you she proclaims ‘crikey! you’re looking lovely!’ you then calm down the crowd at the bar and ask her to repeat her statement to the entire pub. would that happen? no. the same goes for twitter. quite frankly it annoys people and makes you look like a show off. sorry.

thank people for a retweet – if someone retweets one of your posts, thank them. people like to be recognised for their efforts as much on twitter as you do in day to day life. admittedly this does get harder when you have more followers as more people do it, in which case drop them a direct message.

asking for a retweet – is only acceptable for a charitable cause for raising awareness of genuine problem or issue. trying to get your favourite soap star to retweet your message just to get that warm, smug feeling isn’t really acceptable…

don’t overtweet – there is a fine line between just enough sharing and too much, but once you’ve been on twitter a while you’ll start to gauge what you need to say and what you actually need to. so you’re watching Downton Abbey? brilliant! we don’t need to know about each scene, how much you dislike the number of commercial breaks. at least not during every commercial break.

#usehashtagsappropriately – hashtags are a great way to encourage participation and help others to ‘follow the conversation.’ but don’t overuse them, putting a hashtags in front of every word (unless you are @GBarlowOfficial) is very annoying and will no doubt lose you followers.

watch what you tweet –  there have been some famous and embarrassing blunders on social media that have caused people and even entire companies in a lot of trouble. don’t use your brand’s Twitter account to discuss controversial topics, send inappropriate photos, or use explicit language. bear in mind that you could bump into to any one of your followers at any given point. make sure you don’t give them a reason to be anything other than lovely to you.

spelling and grammar – we understand UR limited (like what we did there?) but do try and stick to basic grammar and spelling rules where possible. if you are writing behalf of a business this is even more important. noone wants to see an accountancy business tweet “OMG!!!! It’s not 2 late 4 U to file UR taxes ppl!’ get the drift? however we would recommend making one mistake, just for the sheer hilarity of it. type ‘I’ve reached my peak’ and within 2 minutes you will get a lovely reply from @peektopeak. Yes really.

beware of your audience – you are a social influencer whether you have 1 follower or 1,000,000. never forget that. if the majority of your audience are teens than you might want to think twice about tweeting about that 3 day hangover or waking up with someone else in the bed. tame the language too…

be punctual – this tip could go on a while. 80% of your twitter reactions will come within 4 minutes of you sending out a tweet. people are used to speed. if someone asks you a question, tweet them back fairly quickly.

warn if you’re going to tweet a lot – so you want to live-tweet your product launch or charity run. that’s a nice idea, but you may lose more followers wh0 get a little miffed by barrage of tweets. a little warning will be much appreciated, and your followers will likely give you a pass for the day.

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