how to write a good twitter bio


sometimes we wonder if the people at twitter towers set rules just to mock us. how are we supposed to reveal our inner creative licenses in 140 characters? its so good of them to stretch it out to 160 characters for the bio too – hmm! your twitter bio is one of the most compelling parts of your twitter profile, and one of the first things that people check when they view your twitter page.  leaving it blank is sacrilege, unless you are of course famous enough to be known purely by your @username, for example @thequeen or @beyonce. we’ll let them off…

there are two things you are trying to achieve from writing your bio:

  1. giving an accurate representation of you and your tweets
  2. encouraging people to follow your twitter account

it really is that simple. remember that you can never make your twitter bio too attractive, as if you want to limit who can see your tweets you can do so in their settings menu. the idea is to make people think they will enjoy your tweets, and that they really do need a piece of your twitter pie… here are two examples of the same person.

example a: ‘Lindsay. Accountant living in Lancashire. Married with 1 son. X Factor fan’

example b: ‘Lindsay. Number cruncher by day, personality at night. Married with 1 terrible two-er. Dermot O’Leary is my hero.’

I’m hoping you’ll be able to see the difference straight away? example b is one hell of a lot more compelling, yet actually says exactly the same thing. in both bios, Lindsay is an accounts, a mother and an xfactor fan. however in example a, Lindsay doesn’t sound very fun. at all. i wouldn’t follow her. would you? the same can apply for bloggers, make it fun! there are a zillion of you out there so say something a little witty to make you stand out.

keep it real – noone likes a show off. for example saying you are a ‘Louboutin enthusiast’ is far more twitter friendly than saying ‘i have a lot of pairs of expensive shoes.’ you’ll annoy people. a nice thing to do is to put what quite of tweets to expect from you, for example:

example c: ‘I’m not a morning person, so if you are ignore all tweets until you see one saying I have had a coffee.’

always remember to put a link to your site or blog, and putting something along the lines of ‘#followback ‘ ‘I’ll follow you if you follow me’ or ‘I am PR friendly’ is only going to annoy people and alienate people. just an FYI.

as a general rule, include the following: your name, your job, your favourite hobby, your personality traits and something people wouldn’t expect of you (remembering this is a public website, of course).

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