how to get great business cards

so you’ve got the blog up and running and now want to some cards to give out at events and after those ‘coffee meet and greets’ with PRs. or you just want to get prepared for when you do.

when it comes to the style of your business cards continuity is key. if you have a sleek and sophisticated website, a pretty and pink business card will confuse the recipient as to your overall style and message. you want people to instantly understand what you are like and what your blog is about from merely glancing at your business card.

we used a site called MOO to create ours – it gives you great creative license and fantastic tips to ensure you don’t make any fatal errors.  you can make them yourself, but to be honest you can use sites such as MOO so cheaply it will probably end up far more time and money efficient for you to have them made. here are some other tips:

  1. remember to use high resolution images where you can to ensure no pictures end up over pixelated, and to use the same font style as on your blog.
  2. keep it simple, people just need the easiest way to contact you – not necessarily every way to contact you. don’t feel you need to add in your my space account just to show you have one. and keep it to one email address… and I am sure you’ve thought about the professionalism required with email addresses? babygurl69@hot… isn’t a good idea.
  3. do include your twitter handle but think twice before including your personal facebook profile page address. i’m not a PR needs to see those photos of you in Crete last summer…
  4. don’t put your full address down, but it is very useful for someone to know roughly where abouts you are. for example, pop ‘Surrey KT1’ down rather than the full whack. it tells a PR you are close enough to include in a press day invite as you are local enough to attend. it’s also useful for journalists as they often need points of views from a mixed demographic
  5. this is up for debate but I don’t feel you need to introduce your brand on the business card, ie: say what it is all about. by not saying so, curiosity kills the cat and someone is far more likely to have a gander at your site…
  6. as with your blog format, don’t use complicated fonts and colour combinations. after all, you need someone to be able to read it. handwritten style fonts are a massive no-go.

business cards are the easiest way of quickly saying hello and leaving a mark in someone’s mind. lots of these blogger events are filled with people of a similar ‘type’ to you so do try and make yours stand out with a clean and simple layout. the better put together your business card, the better put together they’ll assume you and your blog are. simples.

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