how to get in to the fashion week parties

lets be honest, its the parties not the shows that everyone wants to go to.  the shows involve either standing in the freezing cold or the boiling heat (ever noticed it is never, ever anywhere in between) and when you have wasted half the day queuing to get in you sit down to watch clothes you can’t have for six months parade down a cat walk. for about 10 minutes. then thats it, on to the next one. AND you’re expected to do the whole thing in heels.

some designers realised this and started throwing pretty decent parties in the evening during fashion week, and now entry to these bad boys are the hot tickets in town. but how on earth do you get in?

firstly, this isn’t a house party you can turn up to. these things are exclusive events, and turning up at the door and claiming you know the DJ isn’t going to work. you’ll need to request an invite, and do so you can ask 3 groups of people:

  1. the venue owners – the venues are usually large hotels or genetleman’s clubs, all of whom have in house events managers.
  2. the brand’s marketing/PR team – these guys usually have the firmest grip on the list. which means they’ll have a lot of pressure to let the right people in. a little tip, drop them a note (find their emails via Fashion Monitor or LinkedIn) a couple of hours before when they have had a few cancellations – this is when their guest list becomes your gold mine.
  3. external PRs – the company’s PR agency will have been given a set percentage of the overall attendance space. their job is hardest, they are paid on results. if the party is empty it’s the PRs fault. they are your best bet.

but what do you say to them? to start with, unless you have significant traffic and influence through your blog then stop reading now. unfortunately you aren’t going to come to the party. if you’re stuck for what I mean by significant then read this guide to working with brands as the same number apply.

you need to be able to give a quick example of how you coming to the party is going to benefit them. for example ‘I would love to come down and am happy to promote the event before and afterwards using my social media platforms which as X thousand followers.’ see?

it’s worth a shot, surely?

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